2012 Rubicon Unlimited – Updated 4/2014

Jeep JK Jeepers Jamboree 2014Updates – July 2013: Since the original buildup, the JK has received a few upgrades. The 35″ BFG’s were swapped out for a set of 37’s mounted on AEV Pintler wheels. The correct backspacing of these wheels allowed us to get rid of the wheel spacers we were running with the stock wheels. To accommodate the larger tires, we swapped out the original 3″ coils for a set of 4.5″ AEV coils, along with AEV’s front control arm drop brackets, rear track bar brackets and high-steer kit. We’ve also added some Hanson Off Road rocker guards and an AEV Rear Bumper & Tire Carrier. The 4.88 ratio Sierra Gear ring and pinion is perfect with the 37″ tires for everyday use. Realistically, 4.56 might be a better ratio to bring the RPM’s down on long highway drives at 75+.  If this was a 2011 and earlier JK (pre-Pentastar engine) we’d most likely opt for a 5.13 or 5.38 ratio….

After several runs through the Rubicon Trail and a couple of trips to Moab, the stock skid plates and crossmember on the underside of the Jeep have taken quite a beating. We installed full compliment of PureJeep skid plates, including their engine, transfer case and fuel tank skids as well as a new PureJeep HD cross member. All of these parts from Purejeep are a huge improvement over the flimsy stock parts. Constructed from 3/16″ and 1/4″ steel and finished with a nice powdercoat, everything bolted up easily and securely.

PureJeep Skidplates for JK JK Heavy Duty Crossmember Heavy Duty JK Skidplates


Sierra Gear Hells Revenge Moab


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Our new 2012 JK is here. The 2012 features a new powerplant, the 3.8L Pentastar V6 that produces 285hp and 240 ft/lbs of torque. Ours is equipped with a 5-speed automatic, and driveability is far better than the 2011 and earlier JK’s. Jeep is claiming increased fuel economy. Dana 44’s with electric lockers are standard equipment for the Rubicon JK’s.

Upgrades so far include a 3″ Teraflex suspension with a full set of adjustable control arms, Hanson Offroad bumpers front and rear, Hanson Rocker Guards, 35″ BFGoodrich KM2’s and a Warn 9.5 cti winch. We wanted to run the stock Rubicon wheels so we also installed a set of Spidertrax 1.5″ wheel spacers to eliminate any rubbing issues.

The new ProCal Module compatible with the 2012 model just arrived, so we changed the differential gear ratio to 4.88 without putting the Jeep into limp mode. The ProCal also allowed for recalibration of shift points, speedometer and numerous other features.