Differential Identification

Differential Axle Identification Image

The first and most important step in any differential repair or ratio change is accurate differential identification!

Careful identification of the differential you are working on will make sure you get the right parts for the job the first time. Need help with your differential identification? Call Sierra Gear & Axle at (800)792-2714. Our differential experts are available from 8am to 5pm PST Monday thru Friday.

Differentials can be identified most accurately by the tag number or axle tube stamp. Whenever possible, reference the tag numbers when ordering parts for your Differential. If the ID tag or stamp is missing or unreadable, differentials can be identified by the number of cover bolts, the distinctive shape of the cover, the number of ring gear bolts, and ring gear diameter. They can also be identified by whether the center section is an integral or dropout design. The chart below shows various differential covers, 3rd Members and housings.

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Differential Identification AAM 9.25 Image Image of American Axle Manufacturing 10.5" Differential Cover Image of AAM 11.5" GM/Chrysler Differential Image of AMC-Model-20-Differential Cover
AAM 9.25″ Chrysler Front
AAM 10.5″ Chrysler
AAM 11.5″ GM / Chrysler
AMC Model 20
Image of AMC-Model-35-Differential Cover Image of Chrysler-7.25"-Differential Cover Image of Chrysler-8"-IFS Differential Unit Image of Chrysler-8.25"-Differential Cover
AMC Model 35
Chrysler 7.25″
Chrysler 8″ IFS
Chrysler 8.25″
Image of Chrysler-8.75"-Differential Image of Chrysler-9.25"-Differential Image of Dana-28-Differential Housing Image of Dana-30-Differential
Chrysler 8.75″ Third Member
Chrysler 9.25″
Dana 28
Dana 30
Image of Dana-44-Differential Cover Image of Dana-50-Differential Cover Image of Dana-60-Differential Cover Image of Dana-70-Differential Cover
Dana 44
Dana 50
Dana 60
Dana 70
Image of Dana-80-Differential Cover Image of Dana-S110-Third-Member Image of Ford-7.5"-Differential Cover Image of Ford-8"-3rd-Member-Differential
Dana 80
Dana S110
Ford 7.5″
Ford 8″ 3rd Member
Image of Ford-8.8"-Differential Cover Image of Ford-9-3rd-Member-Differential Image of Ford-9.75"-Differential Cover Omage of Ford-10.25"-10.5"-Differential Cover
Ford 8.8″
Ford 9″ Third Member
Ford 9.75″
Ford 10.25″ & 10.5″
Image of GM-55-Passenger-Differential Image of GM-55-Truck-Differential Image of GM-7.25"-IFS-Differential Image of GM-7.5"-Differential
GM ’55 Passenger
GM ’55 Truck
GM 7.25″ IFS Clamshell 
GM 7.5″ / 7.625″
Image of GM-8"-Differential Image of GM-8.2"-Differential Image of GM-8-2-Buick Olds Pontiac-Differential GM-8.25-IFS-Differential
GM 8″
GM 8.2″
GM 8.2″ B.O.P.
GM 8.25″ IFS
Image of GM-8.5"-Differential GM 8.5 Front Differential Image of GM-8.6"-Differential Image of GM-12-Bolt-Passenger-Differential Cover
GM 8.5″
GM 8.5″ Front
GM 8.6″
GM 12 Bolt Passenger (8.875″)
Image of GM-12-Bolt-Truck-Differential Cover Image of GM-9.25-IFS-Clamshell Differential Image of GM-9.5"-14-Bolt-Differential Image of GM-10.5"-14-Bolt-Differential
GM 12 Bolt Truck (8.875″)
GM 9.25″ IFS Clamshell
GM 9.5″
GM 10.5″ 14 Bolt
Toyota Differential parts for 7.5 Toyota 7.5" IFS Differential Identification Toyota 7.5" Differential Parts Toyota 8" Differential Parts
 Toyota 7.5″ Early 3rd Member
Toyota 7.5″ IFS Front
Toyota 7.5″ IFS Clamshell
Toyota 8″ 4-Cyl. 3rd Member
 Toyota 8" V6 Differential Parts Tacoma T100 8" Differential Parts Toyota 8" Differential Parts Landcruiser 8" Differential Parts
Toyota 8″ V6 / Turbo 3rd Member
Toyota 8″ Tacoma / T100 3rd Member
Toyota 8″ E-Locker 3rd Member
Toyota 8″ Landcruiser High Pinion 3rd Member
Image of Toyota-Tundra-8-75-Front-Differential 9.5" Landcruiser Differential  Toyota 10.5" Differential Parts
Toyota Landcruiser 8.75″ Reverse IFS Front
Toyota 9.5″ Landcruiser 3rd Member
Toyota 10.5″ 3rd Member

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