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Differential Repair topics including How to Identify your Differential, Select the ideal Ring and Pinion gear ratio, Install or Repair your Differential, Check your gear pattern and more….

Ring & Pinion Break-In Instructions

New Gear Set Break-In – Crucial steps to help ensure long and quiet life of your new Gears

Differential Identification - Sierra Gear & Axle

Differential Identification – A guide to basic visual identification of front & rear axle types.

Gear Ratio Calculators - Sierra Gear & Axle

Gear Ratio Calculators – Tools for determining the perfect gear ratio for your vehicle

Ring & Pinion Contact Pattern - Sierra Gear & Axle

Gear Pattern Analysis – Images of acceptable and unacceptable ring and pinion gear patterns

Ring and Pinion Installation

Installation Instructions – A step-by-step guide to differential assembly and setup

GM Glovebox Codes

GM RPO Codes – Identify your Chevrolet or GMC axle ratio using the RPO Code in the vehicle.

Sierra Gear Axle Measuring

 Measure Axle Shafts and Bolt Patterns – Measure it the same way we do….Get the right size and length


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 Locate a Sierra Gear & Axle Distributor near you, or call (800) 792-2714 for technical information. Our differential experts are available to assist you from 8am to 5pm PST, Monday thru Friday.

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If you’re looking for technical support or advice regarding the wrong parts you bought somewhere else, we’ll still (most likely) be glad to help. All we ask is that you think of us first next time. Our prices are very competitive and our live parts specialists will walk you through the ordering process to make sure you get the right stuff.