Ring and Pinion Gear Pattern – Differential Setup

Ring and Pinion Gear Pattern - Learn to Read & Adjust the pattern

Ring and Pinion Gear Pattern - Interpretation & Adjustment

Ring and Pinion Gear Pattern is one of the most valuable tools for determining if a differential is properly set up. The images below illustrate both acceptable and unacceptable ring and pinion gear patterns. For more in-depth information about ring and pinion gear patterns and how to make adjustments, see our Installation Instructions page.

Acceptable Ring and Pinion Gear Patterns

Unacceptable Ring & Pinion Gear Pattern

Unacceptable Ring and Pinion Gear Patterns

Need help interpreting your Ring and Pinion Gear Pattern? It is not uncommon for installers to send us pictures of the pattern they have achieved via email or SMS. Our differential experts are available to assist you from 8am to 5pm PST, Monday thru Friday.

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