Ring and Pinion Gear Sets | AMC Model 20 & Model 35

Ring Pinion Jeep AMC Model 20 35

Sierra Gear & Axle has a complete inventory of Ring and Pinion Gear Sets for AMC axles.

Our Ring and Pinion sets are reasonably priced and are the highest quality aftermarket gear sets available. Ring and Pinion Gear Sets from Sierra Gear are engineered and manufactured for easy setup, quiet operation and long life.

Complete your differential ratio change, rebuild, repair or overhaul with one of our Differential Repair and Installation Kits.

Not sure which ring and pinion gear ratio you want? Use our Differential Gear Ratio Calculator or call one of our technical experts for advice.


AMC Differential Application Chart:

AMC Axles – Ring and Pinion Gear Sets

Model 20 Ring & Pinion Sierra Gear & Axle Part #
Model 20 3.31 Ratio R&P SG M20-331
Model 20 3.54 Ratio R&P SG M20-354
Model 20 3.73 Ratio R&P SG M20-373
Model 20 4.10 Ratio R&P SG M20-411
Model 20 4.56 Ratio R&P SG M20-456
Model 20 4.88 Ratio R&P SG M20-488
Model 35 Ring & Pinion Sierra Gear & Axle Part #
Model 35 3.08 Ratio R&P SG M35-308
Model 35 3.55 Ratio R&P SG M35-355
Model 35 3.73 Ratio R&P SG M35-373
Model 35 4.11 Ratio R&P SG M35-411
Model 35 4.56 Ratio R&P SG M35-456
Model 35 4.56 Ratio R&P (REVERSE) SG M35-456R
Model 35 4.88 Ratio R&P SG M35-488
Model 35 4.88 Ratio R&P (REVERSE) SG M35-488R
Model 35 5.13 Ratio R&P (REVERSE) SG M35-513R

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