For use with AMC and AAM / Chrysler Axles

Differential Repair, Rebuild and Installation Kits for AMC and AAM / American Axle

Differential Repair and Installation Kits from Sierra Gear and Axle are the most complete in the industry. We assemble each kit using only the highest quality components. Each of our kits are designed to ensure a trouble-free installation and long-lasting performance. Several different kits are available for each application, each tailored for the type of differential repair being performed. Whether you’re doing a complete differential repair, differential gear ratio change, budget rebuild or pinion bearing replacement, we have got the ideal kit for you.

Differential Kit contents and a description of each kit type is located at the bottom of this page, below the application chart.

Axle Bearing and Seal Kits can be found HERE


Application Chart:

Ring and Pinion Repair and Installation Kits application chart.

Differential Repair & Installation Kits

 AMC Model 20 Master Kit Bearing Kit  Pinion Kit Mini Kit
 MODEL 20 IK M20 BK M20 PK M20 MK M20
 AMC Model 35  Master Kit Bearing Kit  Pinion Kit Mini Kit
 MODEL 35 IK M35 BK M35 PK M35 MK M35
 MODEL 35 – WJ IK M35WJ BK M35 PK M35 MK M35WJ
 MODEL 35 – 30 Spline IK SUPERM35 BK SUPERM35 PK M35 MK M35
 Chrysler 7.25″ Master Kit Bearing Kit  Pinion Kit Mini Kit
 7.25″ IK C7.25 BK C7.25 PK C7.25 MK C7.25
 Chrysler 8″ IFS Master Kit Bearing Kit  Pinion Kit Mini Kit
 8″ IFS 1/2 Ton – ’03 & Up IK C8 BK C8 PK C8 MK C8
 8″ IFS 1/4 Ton – ’00-’03 IK C8B BK C8B PK C8B MK C8B
 8″ IFS 1/4 Ton – ’04 & Up IK C8C BK C8B PK C8C MK C8C
 8″ IFS ’05 & Up WK(Grand Cherokee) & XK (Commander) IK C8WJ BK C8WJ PK C8WJ MK C8WJ
 Chrysler 8.25″ Master Kit Bearing Kit  Pinion Kit Mini Kit
 8.25″ – ’70-’75 IK C8.25 BK C8.25 PK C8.25 MK C8.25
 8.25″ – ’76 & Up IK C8.25B BK C8.25B PK C8.25B MK C8.25
 8.25″ – ’05 & Up WK (Grand Cherokee) IK C8.25 WK BK C8.25WK PK C8.25WK MK C8.25WK
 Chrysler 8.75″ Master Kit Bearing Kit  Pinion Kit Mini Kit
 8.75″ 741 Case LM104949 IK C8.75 BK C8.75 MK C8.75AD
 8.75″ 742 Case LM104949 IK C8.75B BK C8.75B PKC8.75B MK C8.75BE
 8.75″ 489 Case LM104949 IK C8.75C BK C8.75C PK C8.75C MK C8.75CF
 8.75″ 741 Case 25590 IK C8.75D BK C8.75D MK C8.75AD
 8.75″ 742 Case 25590 IK C8.75E BK C8.75E PKC8.75B MK C8.75BE
 8.75″ 489 Case 25590 IK C8.75F BK C8.75F PK C8.75C MK C8.75BF
 AAM / Chrysler 9.25″ Master Kit Bearing Kit  Pinion Kit Mini Kit
 9.25″ IK C9.25 BKC9.25 PK C9.25 MK C9.25
 AAM 9.25″ Front IK C9.25F BK C9.25F PK C9.25F MK C9.25F
 AAM / Chrysler 10.5″ Master Kit Bearing Kit  Pinion Kit Mini Kit
 10.5″ IK C10.5 BK C10.5 PK C10.5 MK C10.5
 AAM / Chrysler 11.5″ Master Kit Bearing Kit  Pinion Kit Mini Kit
 AAM 11.5″ IK A11.5 BK A11.5 PK A11.5 MK A11.5
 AAM 11.5″ ’11-’13 IK A11.5B BK A11.5B PK A11.5B
 AAM 11.5″ ’14 & Up – 1st gen R&P IK A11.5C BK A11.5C PK A11.5C
 AAM 11.5″ ’14 & Up – 2nd gen R&P BK A11.5D
 AAM 11.5″ Using 11.8″ R&P BK A11.8B PK A11.8B
 AAM / Chrysler 11.8″ Master Kit Bearing Kit  Pinion Kit Mini Kit
11.8” AAM ‘14 & Up Ram 3500 – 6.7 Diesel BK A11.8

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