JK Axle Shafts – Chromoly Upgrades for the JK Wrangler

Factory JK axle shafts are fine for small tires and mild use. The addition of big tires, lower gears and plans to run the tougher trails begs for the added strength of chromoly axle shafts. Sierra Gear & Axle has a complete line of Chromoly axle shafts for the Jeep Wrangler JK. Sierra Gear Chromoly axle shafts have a 10 year warranty, are built for high-performance use and are far more durable than stock axle shafts. These axle shafts are available for use with all Dana 30™ and Dana 44™, Rubicon and non-Rubicon models, including a 35 spline Dana 44™ upgrade axle kit that can be installed with various locking differentials. Sierra Gear & Axle’s Front axles use the stronger JK 1350 U joint, unlike some axle kits that use a 1310 U joint. For more information or to order, contact Sierra Gear & Axle at (800)792-2714 or send us an email.

We also stock chromoly shafts for use with lots of other applications, including AMC Axles, Dana 50™, Dana 60™, GM 8.5″and Ford 8.8″. Don’t need the added strength of Chromoly? We carry tons of stock replacement axle shafts for just about every domestic rear-wheel-drive car, truck & 4×4 out there.

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